Best Nail Salons Near Me - Alabama - Posh Nail Salon


Posh Nail Salon - Alabama - Best Nail Salons Near Me

Posh Nail Salon - Alabama - Best Nail Salons Near Me

Rating: 4 Stars (101 reviews)

Contact Information:

Phone: (251) 948-0404

Location & Hours: 

Address:2200 E 2nd St, Ste C Gulf Shores, AL 36542

  • Mon - Sat: 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Sun: Closed


About the Business: 

Posh Nail Salon has been in the heart of Gulf Shores since its inception in 2016. Owned and operated by Carry Lane, a local resident with a passion for nail care, Posh Nail Salon promises a luxurious experience to anyone who walks through its doors.





Posh Nail Salon specializes in manicures and pedicures, catering to walk-in customers looking for impeccable nail care.

 Amenities and More:

  • Walk-ins Welcome
  • Accepts Credit Cards
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Gender-neutral restrooms
  • No Bike Parking



Posh Nail Salon - Alabama - Best Nail Salons Near Me

Posh Nail Salon, where every customer's satisfaction is our priority. Experience luxury and professionalism like never before. Book your appointment today for a rejuvenating nail care experience!





Recommended Reviews:

Kayla M. Writes "Overall very happy with my gel manicure, pedicure and eyebrow wax. At first there was a wait, some employees were late for work (it happens in life, I understand), but the employees who were present were obviously working hard not to lose customers. The nail technician who did my gel, pad and wax was very nice and professional and did an amazing job! I would specifically recommend her if I were to visit this salon again! Prices were average. The salon had several comfortable massage chairs with iPads. They also served drinks to customers. I'm glad I chose this salon for my vacation!"

Marsha M. Writes  "Very disappointed - avoid this salon. I have been to Posh Nail Salon many times but the quality and service has seriously declined. The staff lacks the former friendliness and it is clear that they dilute their products with nail polish remover. My nail polish started chipping after only two days on most visits. Even worse, I decided to try their powder nails on my last visit, which started to split and fall off after just three days. Due to high prices, such inferior products and services are unacceptable. My advice: keep driving to the next salon and save yourself the frustration and expense."

Leigh E. Writes "Expensive, but the guy who gave me a pedicure was legitimately the best I've ever had! I might have fall asleep. This guy is amazing!"

Ashley S. Writes"Where to start? Both my friend and I went here for a pedicure. We both have spray tans so we were explicit about wanting the most basic option. Once we chose that we were treated like trash. My toenails are barely painted in a straight line. Also, during it my friend realized the polish was way too white after they put on 1 coat on a couple of toes. When she asked for a color underneath the lady lost her mind and was aggressively beating her toes trying to get the color off. She then proceeded to berate her for not getting gel on her toes. If that wasn't uncomfortable enough... As we were leaving we go to pay and the lady is screaming at us asking about Venmo or cash. Apparently the only way to tip is by using one of the above. At that point I just wanted to leave. So while we're being accosted to scan their Venmo code each person is looking over my shoulder at my phone while I type in the number for tip. Did I only tip 5 dollars? Yes, because I felt so awkward watching someone type in the number on my Venmo. Also, I forgot to add my friend couldn't get her Venmo to load and was promising she would tip when she got service. That wasn't acceptable they were fully ready to chase us out to the parking lot for their tip. LONG STORY SHORT! Don't go here!"

Irene P. Writes"how clean they are. My guy was nice. If you're going to overcharge me, I'm not going to add a tip. I did nothing special strait classic nails. Leaves edges free of polish and I don't like that. They skimp where they can. He put the wrong color in the girl beside me. And put silver under what I asked for was clear sparkles. I brought in my own polish (he didn't use) and he tried to keep my polish! Oops! Yes they have massage chairs."

Tiffany H. Writes"This was one of the worst basic manicures I have ever received. The paint job looks like a toddler did it AND this is after I asked them to fix it."

Dianne G. Writes "They are very nice there, the place is clean and pretty and the pedicure chairs are the BEST! Ask for sassy or Michelle"

Amylea W. Writes "Excellent nail salon! I'm very picky and I was extremely pleased with the service as well as the job they did. Called and got an appointment same day. Everyone was extremely polite and attentive. They went above and beyond to take care of a couple of issues I had going on with my nails. I wish this place was in my home town! This will be my go-to every time I go to the beach!"

Dani M. Writes"so precise and caring with their service. the pedicure was great and i recommend michelle for acrylics!!!! she did amazing, so precise with the shaping and making sure she made no mistake."

Kristy N. Writes "Great pedi and mani for me and mani for my teenaged daughter! My pedi was a special treat as the massage and exfoliation were top notch. Recommend!"


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